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About Us

Founded in July of  2019 in Los Angeles, California by Ceo & Founder Stevepaul McMaryion Jr. Vent Supply Apparel is truly a unique and iconic online brand that stands by itself. Vent Supply allows you to portray and express raw emotion of what you may be feeling and/or thinking at any moment. So, whether you're feeling: happy, sad, glad, mad, up or down; vent supply apparel connects people and emotions to give them a voice and an outlet! Coming from humble beginnings,

C.E.O & Founder Stevepaul Jr. knows what it's like to go through an array of emotions from highs to lows and every other emotion in between. Being a former top athlete to getting let loose from his basketball scholarship his senior year. Getting invited to San Francisco state after being let loose from the University of Hawaii. Then getting denied entry into San Francisco State in his final year; things seemed bleak. No more basketball... Stevepaul Jr. went through dozens of odd jobs while being let go from a majority of them. He needed an outlet to express his pain, happiness, frustration, and thoughts while helping others like hinself at the same time. While at the University of Hawaii, Stevepaul's second love secretly was fashion. So after basketball and all the glory was over; Vent Supply was born as away to express thoughts and feelings through clothing/fashion while being true to one's self. We here at Vent Supply understand how imperative it is to be able vent, express or have an outlet to express thought. We encourage expression in a positive and healthy way. Come "vent" with us! Always remember... "Xpression is Key!"