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"B.L.R.M" SweatShirt

We here and our employees at vent supply truly believe in expressing ourselves in a constructive way that helps us vent. The topic of this blog and we want all nationalities to join in the feedback. We here truly value all lives here on this (777) completion planet. The reason for this shirt is powerful because we again believe all live matters in deed... But at and during this immediate time... Black lives really matter! We made this because of two reasons. Reason one. The creator created all life. Yes he does have a chosen, but no less, we all matter. But during the crises of so called african/israelite american men being murdered... This crises warrants alot more attention at this time. What do you think?! Let us know... Make sure to sign up with our email list to recieve updates and discounts... Everyone who blogs on this topic will recieve a discount on any of our products. Tell everyone about us!

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